Empowering Practical Learning, One Child At a Time

Offering Montessori-inspired outdoor
education for children along with school merch, tuition, and events.

Outdoor Montessori School in Greenville County

Our outdoor Montessori hybrid school in Greenville County offers a practical and engaging educational experience that nurtures your child's natural development. With a focus on outdoor education and multi-age classrooms, we provide mentorship, challenging academics, and skill-building opportunities. Using the Montessori method, we prepare our students for a lifetime of learning as global citizens. Join us today and discover the benefits of a truly immersive and holistic educational approach.

Comprehensive Experience

We offer a unique and comprehensive educational experience that nurtures your child's natural development. With seven work cycles and instruction four days a week, Monday through Thursday, your child will have ample time to explore and learn at their own pace. On Fridays, they can participate in extra-curricular activities and learn cooking and gardening skills from local chefs and gardeners at our partnership locations, Upcountry Provisions Restaurant, and The Grove's rustic outdoor venue. Our deep commitment to the Travelers Rest community allows us to offer mentorship, challenging academics, and a focus on outdoor education, all while following the Montessori schooling method.


Why Choose Us

At Greenthumb School, we believe that education is not just about academics but also about personal growth and development. Our leadership team is committed to self-development as well as the care of the child, following Maria Montessori's philosophy of leading by genuine example. We understand that in order to foster a love of learning in our students, we must first love and understand the universe ourselves. Our team is dedicated to preparing ourselves and truly working at it so that we can guide your child in their own learning journey.

Join us today and discover a community of educators who are committed to your child's growth and development in all aspects of their lives.